Respect for the environment

Rosini’s innovative approach in developing sofas is inspired by the Life Cycle Thinking logic. The objective is to better the environmental capacities of the products in every phase of their life cycle. From the raw material for the semifinished products, to its disposal. This is a way to point our designers and developers towards a more pragmatic and forward-looking project, with particular focus on the environmental impact thoughout the life cycle. We work looking towards the future and one single goal: to give our sofas value by realising enduring products with a low impact of the environment. Our products’ structures are designed with wood coming from renewable forests, following rigorous environmental and socio-economic standards. Our paddings are realised with also recycled materials which doesn’t alter the fundamental characteristics and guarantees a high level of ergonomics and breathing quality by a total of 5 times. We extend this concious and ecofriendly choice to our range of upholsterings by using natural fabrics that are 100% GRS recylcled cotton, notably diminishing water usage and gas emissions. To complete the project, we package our products with eco friendly materials partly recycled and totally recyclable, without sacrificing security and reliability. These choices give us a certain tranquility during transport and logistics of our products.

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